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Is The Battle Already Lost?

April 10, 2013

I would very much like to hold out hope for this American society.  However, the evidence does not allow it.  We have raised a sub-class, for at least the last two generations, the members whom believe that public assistance is a permanent means of income and resources.  We have the baby boomers whom believe that Social Security benefits are sacrosanct, despite the fact that it is a government-controlled Ponzi scheme which will go bankrupt before the last of the boomers die.  Do any of us fully and truthfully pay our taxes?

In  1835, Alexis de Tocqueville, in his seminar work ‘Democracy in America’, commented on the basic decency and goodness of the common man in America.  I see too many examples now of the loss of that decency to hold out hope.  There are several quotes pertaining to the relationship between a society’s laws and its culture and traditions.  What does it say about America that our most prevalent value is the search for a shortcut?

I don’t know of a viable solution to the common selfishness, outside of a transcendent belief system.  I welcome discourse and debate about my position.